Conestoga Eye is a leading ophthalmology practice in Lancaster County, specializing in sport glasses. We understand that each athlete, sport, and competition environment is unique and that customized sport glasses may improve performance and protect the eyes from injury. Many athletes try to wear their “every day” glasses for sport; however, when looking to gain a competitive edge, your glasses can make all the difference. At Conestoga Eye, our optician will discuss your specific needs and develop an effective and affordable option that can enhance your performance.


Many players can benefit from a custom tint on the top half of their lenses when playing outside on a sunny or even overcast day. Baseball hats are not always adequate and the tint can give you an edge over your competition.

Field Hockey

Athletes will significantly benefit from a polycarbonate wrap with anti-glare protection. Sometimes a tint, such as green, can be added to increase the clarity of the ball.



Skiers require the very best UV protection to prevent the sun from causing long-term damage to their eyes, as well as polarized lenses to make seeing those icy patches much easier.


Polarized lenses are by far your best option to see the speeding ball at its clearest. If you wear a no-line bifocal, it often helps to set the bifocal lower than in your every day glasses, or remove it all together to improve your game.


Custom fit wrap-around glasses can protect your eyes from blows to the face with elbows, hands, and fingernails.


Custom contact lenses often provide the best performance for football players who already receive excellent eye protection from their helmets.


Many patients require custom golf lenses to help achieve their lowest scores. There are specific progressive lenses designed with golfers in mind. There are also a variety of high-contrast tints available to help track the ball better.


When riding a bike your peripheral vision is key to avoiding a wreck. If you wear a bifocal, you may need a high quality digital progressive to increase your peripheral vision and eliminate distortion.


Comfortable and properly fitting swimming goggles can be difficult to find, we o er a selection of goggles that can be purchased o the shelf or custom made with your prescription.