AVPC is a division of Conestoga Eye led by David Silbert MD, FAAP and Noelle Matta, COT, CRC.
At Conestoga Eye, it is our mission to provide unparalleled eye care for adults and children in a caring environment. Conestoga Eye is patient-centered, community-minded, and dedicated to others. This means your visit will be an experience where your care and time are our top priorities.

How are we different? Conestoga Eye is not just a medical practice, but a group of skilled individuals who are passionate about helping others. We continually strive to reimagine, streamline, and develop the most efficient ways to deliver care; we support our dedicated staff as they continue to train, research, and learn; and we value giving back to the wonderful community we live in. We also value our patient’s feedback and count on you to tell us how we can make the experience better in the future. We are constantly growing, learning, and evolving.

If you would like to schedule an Athletic Eye Evaluation, feel free to request an appointment on Conestoga Eye's website here.

If you would like to talk with our team about AVPC training, please use the contract form below, or call our office at 717.541.9700.

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