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Conestoga Eye’s Athletic Vision Performance Center (AVPC) is unlike any program in Central Pennsylvania. The AVPC at Conestoga Eye focuses solely on providing athletes with a competitive edge. Our team knows that your goal is your best personal performance and your eyes are one of the single most important ways you will achieve your best. Our Athletic Vision Performance Center also includes the Ocular Concussion Management Division. Our doctors diagnose and treat ophthalmic symptoms related to head trauma. We believe in not only treating an athlete when they are at their best, but also when they have an injury or setback. Choosing Conestoga Eye's AVPC for your sport vision and eye care is an investment in your training and an investment in your eyes.

Our standard package

Conestoga Eye’s Athletic Vision Performance Center standard training package includes the following:

•   A comprehensive dilated exam
•   Refraction (glasses Rx included if needed)
•   Athletic Vision Performance evaluation
•   8 weeks of monitored, at home athletic vision training
•   An undilated post-treatment assessment with our Orthoptist

LOGO-pngAVPC is a division of Conestoga Eye. At Conestoga Eye, it is our mission to provide unparalleled eye care for adults and children in a caring environment. Conestoga Eye is patient-centered, community-minded, and dedicated to others. This means your visit will be an experience where your care and time are our top priorities.

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