No matter your sport, your eyes are the single most valuable tool in your training and competition arsenal. At Conestoga Eye, we understand the value of gaining a competitive edge, empowering you to achieve your very best. We also know that to excel at your sport you need more than 20/20 vision. Our Athletic Vision Performance Evaluation © looks at numerous aspects of your visual system to find any areas that may have room for improvement.

Conestoga Eye's Athletic Vision Performance Evaluation Includes: 

• Static visual acuity
• Contrast sensitivity
• Evaluation of binocular vision
• Evaluation of refractive error
• Color vision assessment
• Convergence
• Saccades
• Visual recognition
• Photoscreening

• Dynamic visual acuity
• Extra-ocular movement
• Measurement of eye alignment
• Eye dominance
• Accommodation
• Divergence
• Pursuits
• Comprehensive dilated eye exam
• Stereopsis